Ciso as a Service

The Chief Information Security Officer, or CISO, is the organization’s head of data security. The CISO’s main objective is to prevent cyber attacks and theft of sensitive information.

RedEntry offers full or partial CISO services, tailor-made for your organization’s security needs. 

What is a CISO?

The Chief Information Security Officer, or CISO, is appointed to be the head of an organization’s security and oversees the design and maintenance of a secure cyber environment through assessments, implementation and maintenance of defense systems. The role of the CISO emerged into the world in the 1990s when commerce began its transition from the material world to the virtual world we know today. With this transition came many risks that companies have not dealt with hitherto. The risk of hacking and theft of sensitive information raised the need for effective and quality protection.

CISO’s responsibilities

Real-time analysis and response

Real-time analysis and response to instant cyber security events

Ciso as a Service

Cyber ​​risk management

Cyber risk management according to future threat analysis, and predictions of possible risks.

Information and accessibility

Development of organizational behavior that allows maximum protection of data.

Inner Threat Defense

Protecting data from cyber theft by employees with access, “inside man” job

Cyber-Secure architecture

Manages the creation of a secure internal network by purchasing & implementing security systems


Day-to-day maintenance that ensures proper conduct

Test Your Defenses

CISO Requirements

The complexity of the job demands candidates to undergo many trainings and have an academic degree in computer science or a related profession such as mathematics, prioritizing those with masters or a doctorate. The chosen CISO has many years of experience in the field, usually 7-12 years, with at least five of them being in managerial positions. It is also recommended that the candidate participates in courses designed for CISO training.

Beyond the general experience, the CISO must have extensive knowledge in programming, cyber threats such as DDOS, and technologies that provide a solution to the ongoing cyber threats such as antivirus and firewall.

RedEntry’s CISO service

Finding the right CISO for you is not a simple task. Beyond the extensive job requirements, not every organization requires a full-time CISO.

Thanks to RedEntry’s comprehensive knowledge of cyber risks, and our extensive experience in responding to threats and incidents, we offer our services as a tailor-made CISO to your company. As a customized CISO, we provide:

Personal and comprehensive accompany

Information security consulting

SOC building and implementation

With the help of RedEntry’s team, you will receive the best solution to the CISO role, which suits your needs and, no less important, your budget.

Additional Services

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Additional Services

Get Free Pen Test Report

מבדק חדירות רדאנטרי

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