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Shneor Lasry

IoT and Cyber Security

IoT, or Internet of Things refers to a network of interconnected devices that may range from laptops, smartphones, wearables, sensors and more.

Tal Yahel

Cyber Security for SaaS

Companies that provide software as a service (SaaS) face cyber threats that are unique to them. Protecting these softwares is critical

Tal Yahel

Cyber Threats On Supply Chain Industry

The supply chain industry is an integral part of the global economy, responsible for moving goods and products from manufacturers to retailers and ultimately, to

Tal Yahel

Cyber Threats on Financial Services

What are the most common cyber threats to the financial sector, and how can organizations protect themselves against these threats?

Tal Yahel

Virus Protection For Businesses

Learn how to protect your business from the growing threat of cyber security viruses that can cause immense harm to their operations.

כל מה שצריך לדעת על דוח מבקר המדינה בנושא הגנת סייבר
Tal Yahel

Writing Cyber Security Protocols For Organizations

Reduce the likelihood of being exposed to cyber attacks by writing information security procedures and tempering the organization, which will create a cyber-oriented organizational policy.

מבדקי חדירות ו-red teaming
Tal Yahel

Penetration Testing vs. Red Teaming

What are the differences between the red teaming and penetration testing, and why are they constantly confused one with another?

2022 cyber attacks
Tal Yahel

Cyber Security Review of 2022

Read about the cyber events that occurred in 2022, events that were engraved in our collective memory. Are we headed to a better year?

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