Managed EDR Service

Reduce the risk of endpoint vulnerability exploitation with Red-Entry’s managed EDR services, which provide detection, diagnosis, monitoring and response to real-time information security incidents.

The transition to remote work has saved many workers the tedious task of standing in traffic jams, however, the steep rise in endpoint attacks has clarified the need for endpoint defense systems.

Those involved in malicious hacking are constantly looking for a way to infiltrate their target’s network, with one of the popular options being endpoints, which have become more common since the transition to remote work. Most endpoints are not protected by an advanced defense system, making them an easy target for hackers for ransomware and phishing attacks among others.

What is Managed Detection & Response?

Endpoint detection and response is a set of tools that monitors and analyzes security incidents that occur at endpoints. This enables real-time detection, identification, and response to cyber threats, without the need for human intervention. The system searches for an anomaly in an end station behavior or the user behavior: 

Unrecognized Users

Large Requests

Data Transfer

The system then uses this information to identify threat patterns, generate alerts and reports that help the cyber security team respond with maximum efficiency. The IT team can use these reports, as well as former analyses from previous security incidents, to better understand the unique cyber threats facing the company.

The EDR service not only detects and alerts but also responds to these threats based on predefined protocols for each type of threat, such as blocking certain users.

Protect Your Weakest Link

RedEntry's Managed EDR Service

RedEntry’s EDR services are managed in conjunction with Flight mode. The service includes:

Support and Service Coverage 8/5

Maximum response time for reading 8 hours

Flight Mode

After the coverage time, the system enters Flight mode – activation of advanced JSON-based detection and response protocols

LimaCharlie Cloud

The service is built on LimaCharlie’s cloud system


SaaS configuration with full customer access

Development Capabilities

Development capabilities on top of the system

Combination with Vortix

Option to integrate the solution with our Vortix protection platform

Support for any Operating System

EDR services support all operating systems including Linux, Windows, macOS, and more

Hunting Capabilities

Advanced Hunting capabilities with support for YARA and Sigma rules

Managed EDR & Hybrid Work Model

The coronavirus pandemic has brought with it the hybrid work model, and although work-life balance has improved immensely, employers must take into consideration the cyber risks that have risen.

Exposing your organization’s endpoints to unsecured networks, and assigning their routine maintenance to non-technical employees create optimal conditions for utilizing these endpoints to penetrate the corporate network and steal information. The sharp rise in cyber-attack rates, especially phishing and ransomware attacks, is a worrying testament not only to the growing risks but also to the unwillingness of many organizations to prepare themselves in the face of the changing reality.

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EDR System Capabilities

The unique capabilities of RedEntry’s EDR system will allow your business the best defense and response to cyber-attacks. These capabilities include:

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Support for any Operating System

Windows, Mac, Linux

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Endpoint Detection & Response

Threat detection and response

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Inclusive Console

A user-friendly console

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Cloud Console

Integration with Cloud Console

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Web Application

Full-featured web application

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Designated SaaS

Software as Service

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Collaboration with antivirus

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Detailed Assets

Inventory list of assets

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Built-in Collaboration

Managed EDR Service Pricing

The EDR system is critical for any organization wishing to minimalize the endpoint’s vulnerabilities.
However, not every business can always afford this important layer of protection, and RedEntry offers unique pricing based on the number of endpoints your business has:


10-50 Endpoints
  • per endpoint


51-100 Endpoints
  • per endpoint


101-500 Enpoints
  • per endpoint

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