Penetration Testing Services

Examine your security systems’ ability to withstand attacks with RedEntry’s penetration testing services, which simulate a malicious cyber attack on your digital components.

A Pen test is designed to identify an organization’s security vulnerabilities through a systematic overview. The assessment may focus on the organization’s networks, applications, company facilities, and more.

Types of Penetration Testing

Application Penetration Testing

This test aims to detect flaws in the application layer of your web application security systems, and examines vulnerable components such as XSS, code injection, poor permission management, and code exposure.

Network Penetration Testing

An assessment of infrastructure devices accessible by network vulnerabilities focused on detecting network and system-level flaws such as various configurations, product-specific vulnerabilities, wireless network vulnerabilities, weak passwords, and infirm protocols.

Physical Penetration Testing

Discover the weaknesses of your physical security systems through the use of social engineering. Industries that are highly targeted are casino/gambling, banking, tech, healthcare, government, hospitality, retail, armored transport, SaaS, and more.

Mobile Application Penetration Testing

Assessments aimed to identify hardware and software-level flaws in mobile applications such as weak passwords, unsecured protocols and APIs, vulnerable communication channels, various configurations, and product-specific vulnerabilities.

Phishing Test

Imitation of a phishing email attack that allows you to evaluate your employee's phishing awareness. These attacks use systems that can send mass emails or carry out a spear-phishing attack, which is a sophisticated form of phishing that targets a certain entity.

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Penetration Testing Methodology

RedEntry’s Penetration Testing process will not interfere with the proper functioning of your employees and will be done without any intrusion to the company’s workflow. 

The Test is conducted in 5 main stages:

Phase 1
Scope My Project

Coordinating expectations and understanding your needs. Gaining a clear understanding of the goal you wish to achieve from the pen test process, as well as a review of the architecture structure of the application/infrastructure. 

Our experts will explain to you the nature of the test and its meanings. 

Phase 2
Data Gathering

Our team will conduct a property mapping and a site/application survey to better understand the structure of your systems. We will review the technologies used, Integration with third-party systems, system versions, user access protocols, etc.

Phase 3
Vulnerability Analysis

Our experts will detect vulnerabilities and weaknesses in your systems using advanced tools and manual tests. Each finding will be analyzed and rated by us according to its level of severity.

Severity levels are: Critical, High, Medium, and Low.

Phase 4
Proof of Ability

At this point, our testers will supply proof for any findings without causing damage or risk to your systems. Proof of ability accompanied by an explanation and screenshots will be presented in the final report

Phase 5
Penetration Test Report

The final step is to receive a penetration test report that contains findings of all the vulnerabilities and weaknesses found in your system. After the repair, RedEntry’s team will perform a re-examination, at the end of which you will receive a final report in a format that is also suitable for sending to customers who require you to provide proof of passing a pen test.

Why Penetration Testing Is Important

Test Your Security Level

Understand the security level of your organization's applications, network, and physical security.

Pentest Report

Receive a Pen Test report that reflects the gaps and weaknesses in your system alongside repair recommendations.

Strengthen Your Cyber Security Defense

Understand the gaps in your defense systems and increase your protective shield.

Meet Regulatory Requirements

Adhere to essential cyber security compliance.

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RedEntry's Pen Testing Advantages:

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Real-Time Reports

During the test, our team will update you on any relevant findings and provide you with an in-depth perspective of the current issues.

Adhere to Compliances

Our penetration tests meet the requirements of the important PCI DSS, SOC2, ISO, and privacy protection standards.

Retest confirmation

A re-examine will be conducted after the vulnerabilities have been fixed, and a detailed course of action will be issued.

Dedicated Report

In addition to the pen test report, RedEntry will provide a dedicated version adapted for presentation to customers.


Penetration Testing

  • Penetration testing report based on automated scanners
  • Advanced automated scanners- AppScan and Burp Pro
  • Internal and external scan- an internal attacker simulation
  • Re-examination following repairs and final report

Additional Services

Get Free Pen Test Report

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