Security System Integration

The practice of implementing cybersecurity systems that are designed to protect your organization’s network from malicious attacks and data leaks, as well as ensure the proper workflow. The selection process and implementation of these systems are critical for the defense of your cyberspace and require the knowledge and expertise of RedEntry’s cyber specialists.

When we are asked to visualize security systems, the images that pop up include CCTV cameras and burglar alarms. However, security isn’t only relevant to the physical world anymore, and since the transition of commerce to the virtual world, the need for defense systems against cyber-attacks has increased.

Similar to a car alarm or a watchdog, your organization needs to protect itself from intruders, be them physical or virtual. Cyber security systems protect all digital components such as network, user information and computer systems from unauthorized digital access. The proper integration of these systems is an essential key in ensuring the privacy of your data and crucial to functionality.

Common Cyber Threats

The cyber security threats we face today are endless, and the ways to harm us are becoming more sophisticated by the minute.

However, some threats have become more common in recent years:


Malicious software that acts without authority in the victim’s systems- includes a Trojan horse and spyware.


Emails that appear to have been sent from a legitimate source, but are actually from a hacker who intends to install malware such as a virus or steal sensitive information.


The redirection of information between the victim and the external server by gaining the victim's IP address.

Password Discovery

Passwords can be detected by guessing common passwords or a systematic attack that tests all possibilities.

86% of S&M businesses are
not prepared for a cyber attack

Don't be a Statistic

Cyber Security Solutions

Luckily, the cyber-security market has evolved rapidly and the resources available to us are varied and goal-oriented to enable maximum protection of our data. 

The list includes, but is not limited to:

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A firewall for web applications (for instance a website) that filters, monitors and blocks users who wish to exploit the site's vulnerabilities for malicious purposes.

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A database storing all known virus codes. This enables the system to detect and remove malware

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Control & Monitoring Systems

Prevents foreign and unauthorized connection such as external USB flash drives

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A system that learns user behavior, detects abnormal activity and responds accordingly by blocking and alerting. Red Entry offers Managed EDR Services .

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Security information and event management. An aggregation system of all logs generated from applications and network hardware, which allows real-time analysis and response to security threats. RedEntry offers Managed SIEM Services.

Additional Services

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RedEntry's services

With the help of RedEntry’s security experts, we’ll find the most suitable security solutions for you
based on your organization’s needs.
Our team will map out your current defense systems, and recommend the most fitting solutions
while taking into consideration your organization’s requirements, needs and preferences.
After we’ve chosen the suitable solutions, security system integration and implementation will proceed by the following methodology:


IT Assistance

Accompaniment of the organization’s existing IT system or personal assistance in establishing an information security system.

Security Protocols

Establishment of protocols regarding information security and the implementation of these procedures through employee training.

System Maintenance

Maintenance of these defense systems and examination of their effectiveness against the unique threats facing your organization.

Additional Services

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