Web Application Penetration Testing

RedEntry’s website penetration testing identifies the vulnerabilities in web applications and scans for the loopholes in the defense systems.

They say that there are no free meals, and while progress has brought with it the ability to instantly connect to all of your information from the comfort of the couch, it has also increased the risk of this sensitive information being stolen. Every business nowadays needs a website to manage its engagement with customers, and whether you’re keeping the codes for the nuclear missile launch or sensitive information about your customers, it will probably be a target for hackers.

The transition to the digital world presents us with new challenges and significant dangers. An Internet interface through which you can communicate with customers and employees of the organization is essential for the continued existence of the organization. But Open Web Applications can be a gateway for malicious parties who want to disrupt the organization’s activities. To prevent disruptions like hacking, information theft and denial of service, many companies understand the importance of penetration tests which examine the defense systems and map the organization’s weaknesses.

Confident In Your Defenses?

Types of Penetration Testing for Web Applications

There are three possible courses of action available to businesses who wish to fortify their cyber defense systems through RedEntry’s web pen tests:

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Gray Box

A test that can be performed from an outsider’s point of view or an insider attacker. In some cases, the tester will receive limited information about the organization's information systems, such as user per system.
The tester will then use this information to scan for potential vulnerabilities that can be exploited for malicious purposes.
The Gray Box is the most common of PT, and its advantage is the thorough cover of vulnerabilities visible to an outsider and insider attacker.

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Black Box

Similar to real cyber hacks performed by malicious attackers. When performing a black box pentest, RedEntry’s team does not receive preliminary information regarding the organization's existing defense systems.
It should be mentioned that black box tests usually take longer, as a large part of the test focuses on collecting data that will assist the tester.
In addition, it is likely that this test will not uncover all the vulnerabilities, but instead the ones that are most useable by malicious hackers.

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White Box

Contrary to the Black box penetration test, the white box penetration test simulates a cyber-attack conducted by a hacker from within the organization who possesses access credentials to the network and the company's resources, such as a resentful employee. This test requires the organization to provide the software’s source code, including characterization and detailed information. By doing so, the testers can conduct a comprehensive and thorough penetration test.

RedEntry's Pen Testing Advantages:

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Real-Time Reports

During the test, our team will update you on any relevant findings and provide you with an in-depth perspective of the current issues.

Adhere to Compliances

Our penetration tests meet the requirements of the important PCI DSS, SOC2, ISO, and privacy protection standards.

Retest confirmation

A re-examine will be conducted after the vulnerabilities have been fixed, and a detailed course of action will be issued.

Dedicated Report

In addition to the pen test report, RedEntry will provide a dedicated version adapted for presentation to customers.

Additional Services

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Penetration Testing

  • Penetration testing report based on automated scanners
  • Advanced automated scanners- AppScan and Burp Pro
  • Internal and external scan- an internal attacker simulation
  • Re-examination following repairs and final report

Additional Services

Get Free Pen Test Report

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