Introduction to Declaration of Accessibility

RedEntry website places great emphasis on making it accessible to the general public in an equal and fair manner to all sections of the population and particularly to people with disabilities. RedEntry website has made many efforts to enable a browsing experience tailored to the requirements and needs of all surfers and in order to make the site as user-friendly and comfortable as possible.

Site accessibility

RedEntry website uses the WP Accessibility Helper plugin, which enables customization and accessibility of browsing. Direct adjustments were also made to ensure maximum accessibility on the site.

The additive operates in accordance with the standard T.I. 5568 at level AA, subject to the manufacturer’s terms of use. The responsibility for the use and application of the website applies to the owner of the website and or anyone on its behalf, including the content displayed on it, subject to the terms of use of the software itself.

Adjustments made on the site

  • ont resizing, color reversal, animation removal and more
  • Enable or hide certain widgets
  • Toolbar-adapted themes
  • Change order by simple dragging
  • Image management on the site
  • Option to add custom CSS code
  • Color contrast
  • Adjusted font size
  • Remove animations and design styles
  • Marking and highlighting links on the site
  • “Turn off lights” mode for the convenience of viewing users.

Feedback can be sent to the site owners regarding accessibility.

Important to know: After selecting a particular menu option, wait until the page loads fully..


As detailed in the document above, adjustments have been made to allow as much access to the Site as possible. There may be pages on the site for which accessibility adjustments have not yet been made, or the appropriate technological solution does not exist or is not yet available. Efforts to improve the accessibility of the site continue all the time out of a moral commitment to convenient and equal use for the entire population, and especially for populations of people with disabilities.

Inquiries about accessibility issues

If you want to contact us about the site’s accessibility, you are welcome to send an email to [email protected] or contact us by phone:  079-639-9021

If you come across a page for which accessibility adjustment has not yet been made or where a special adjustment is required, you can contact us and we will be at your service.